The right clothing choices can make or break having great images. It is so important that you choose clothes that look, fit and feel great. Use the following as a guideline for what to wear and what not to wear. Take a look at the galleries because a picture is indeed worth 1000 words!



The clothes that are most flattering are form fitting with sleeves. Feel free to bring what you like.. but bring some of this type.

Bring a variety of choices. Include different seasons.

Layers are awesome! I love layers and textures!

Solid colors are always a great choice. Smaller patterns are fine too. Neutrals, soft colors, darker tones and earthy colors work the best.

I love accessories too! Hats, scarves, jewelry, flowers, guitars, balloons, cools shoes, etc. Get creative and make these really personal.

Let's talk undergarments! Girls… make SURE you bring appropriate underthingys for each outfit. Try on your outfits before your session.

Girls… natural make-up is the best option. You want to look like you! Style your hair so your eyes show in your images. I now offer a fun make-up add on to your session! Check out the details in the session pricing tab!

Guys… you can groom too…. an eyebrow tweezing, clean shave and some lip balm go a long way!!



Don't assume that if it's trendy, it will look good in a photo. Wild patterns and fluorescent colors are NOT a good choice.

I know a LOT of you bring bold striped shirts to sessions because in real life it is cool. In photos it is just very very (did I say very?) distracting. It can be appropriate by water for a nautical look but bring smaller softer stripes.

Girls… avoid very short skirts and shorts. You will be very limited in your poses.

Girls… if you are "blessed", wear appropriate necklines.

IRON your clothes! Don't come to your session and pull them out of a backpack. Wrinkles show in photos.

Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Flowy tops and dresses are adorable but do nothing to give you shape and may make you look larger than you are. (who wants that?)