what to wear...

 If your outfit has ever been important... this is the time! Our beauty portraits are meant to bring out your soft, feminine and gorgeous side. (or sexy and flirty side)!

Together we will choose the style of outfits that best fit your vision for your images and your figure. I have an extensive collection of outfits that I have collected over the years. All of my clients have full use of anything that I have. I have many soft tone pieces, lace, ruffles, tulle, gold, black dresses and tops. I have collected things in all sizes. I have also hand created many floral and tulle adornments for your hair or too add to an outfit. I have many floral crowns, scarves, wraps, pearls, bling and other random trinkets to pamper you with... it's a girls dream! Your session can be a combination of classic beauty, stylized glamour or boudoir. This is your special session so let's make it an amazing experience!



If you want just classic beauty shots, solids are the best. Soft feminine tones and blacks are great (Blacks, blushes, creams, ivory, neutrals). Stay away from white... it washes out the skin. Textures are great. Laces are perfect to give a soft and subtle texture. If you are very self conscious of your upper arms, you may want to bring a choice with long sleeves. Sleeveless or thin straps are fine too. Stay away from short/cap sleeves. Wraps are a great way to cover the arms. Clothing that hugs the body are the best as it shows your beautiful figure. Tops that are loose will make you look larger... and who wants that? I LOVE to show shoulders, so off the shoulder tops and wraps are wonderful. Some of my favorite looks are: Classic black dress. Black tank/black tutu, Black fitted sweater, Soft dresses, Beautiful gown, Gold tops, Anything lacy, Anything tulle, Anything vintage, Soft color sweaters, Fitted tops with flowy skirts, fur wraps, Anything that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Another wonderful option to classic beauty is to get a dress from Rent The Runway. It is a great opportunity to photograph with a designer look without the price tag. 



If you are wanting to do more of a boudoir look... the sky's the limit to what to wear for this one (or not to wear). We are wanting to show your curves and sexy side. You can go more bold and daring with colors here as anything goes. Blacks, reds, blues or stay neutral and girly with pinks, blushes and creams. Here are some good choices. Sexy bras & panties, Teddies & nighties, Loved ones shirt, Tank top with cute panties, Heels, pearls, Sheer lace, or nuttin' at all.



I have a large selection of accessories such as pearls, vintage finds, floral crowns, single flowers for hair & adorning, wraps, scarves, hats and such. Feel free to bring your own too. Often times, I will add these in for a few at some point for more variety and artfulness.


what not to wear...

Just as important as what to wear is what you shouldn't bring. Stay away from anything with loud or large patterns. You may think the bright floral top is pretty... but it is also distracting. So most patterns and strips are out. Also, try not to wear collared shirts.... they are great for business headshots, but not for beauty. We want a softness and feminine look and collars take away from that. Shoes won't matter... we are not taking full length shots, so stay comfortable.