to me... a photograph isn't about what you see, it's about what you feel.



I am so thrilled that you have made the choice to come visit my site. I would love for you to get comfortable and stay awhile. Take a peek around and discover the world of annie marie photography!


I have built my world around what I love most. God. My family. My friendships and my photography business. (ok, and maybe some chocolate once in a while). I truly believe my calling was to create lasting memories for people. Whether that be the beautiful relationships I have formed with my clients, or that perfect photograph that has captured a personality or moment you will now treasure forever. You see... I am not in this for me. I am in this for YOU. I want you to have the best experience from your first hello until you are enjoying your photographs with family & friends.


I get how much you don't like to be in front of a camera. I get that you are busy. I get that you are on a budget. But I also get that people regret not capturing special times until it's too late. A single photograph is worth so much more than the paper. It is a memory brought to life at any moment. When your kids grow up. When your parent is gone. When life changes. You don't get a second chance. Photographs are priceless and I feel honored I get to create that for others.


Enjoy peeking around and please feel free to contact me to let me know how you want to be photographed. 



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I am SO excited to be offering a senior film experience this coming year at annie marie photography! Senior films are a special custom film short that we create at the same time as the senior session. I then create a 3-5 minute special film highlighting the senior in this very special time in their lives.





Beauty sessions are so special to me. I am so passionate about showing women the value of them existing in portraits. We are usually the ones behind the camera capturing the lives of our families and often don't step in front. We let our insecurities get the best of us and we often tell ourselves we are not pretty enough, or skinny enough. I truly believe that all women are beautiful and I love the opportunity to show them and mostly that they deserve it.


My sessions are built around spoiling you and showing you how gorgeous you really are. Consider it a fun time out! We start with pampering hair & make up. This is our time to relax, chat and talk about life. Then we go through the clothes you brought and play in my style closet finding just the right dress. We capture images that are YOU. Whether you are casual, glamorous, powerful, sexy, classy or all of them. We play with a few looks so you have a wonderful variety to keep.


Do this for yourself. Do this for your family.



This may be a new word for you but wow these images are amazing! They are basically a blend of a photograph and a video. I am thrilled to be now offering Cinemagraphs in my session offerings! 


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